At first I was scared and puzzled cause it was my first time and didn't know what it would do to me but she explained to me everything how it works the meaning of it and I tell you it really helped me you can feel the symptoms of whatever you are dealing with lift from you its a funny feeling but when its all over with it is the best experience ever.i went there with so many things going on stress anxiety and depression and now my body mind and soul feels so amazing now its like a burden lifted and that is what I needed.

Laponza Moore

This by far was one of the best things I could have done for my soul . I have felt a shift mentally and in my soul with grief. The heaviness and dark hole in my heart is starting to heal in a way I never imagine my soul would get too. Grief has been the hardest battle of my life . You don't realize how one person can impact your life until you loose them . Im telling you this because you also don't know what you need until your soul feels it . I have tried many things to help during this journey This has been life changing . I will be forever grateful for this experience with Bridget and I look forward to many more . A month and half later and My soul is calling for this experience again .

The very next day after 2 sessions back to back .... I cried as hard as the day he left . I called Bridget because it was as if my soul was going thru it again. . She reminded me it was a release . ..... that is a definite!!!! I needed this more than I knew . Even after crying for 2 years everyday and doing EMDR therapy I still had all this built up in me still . I thought I had cried enough already but not enough .I also felt more connected with him as well spiritual. Since this experiences I still think of him everyday but I'm not crying but more of smiling of the best parts of us catching myself missing him with a smile on my face .
Book the Appointment!!! You owe you !!!!?

Ellen Estave

Bridgette is very skilled and offered a wonderful experience. I noticed my sciatic pain dissipated greatly 2 days after my first Reiki treatment. I went for 3 over a 3-4 week period. Her facility is lovely. It was very relaxing and I will definitely be back.

Nicole Fontenot Beebe

I went in on Wednesday for a Reiki session. I had been in need of one for a while but I had no clue what to expect. I'm so happy to have found Inner Compass Healing! The lady explained everything out to me and she moved some energy in me that was way out of whack. Her hands were HOT with healing energy (I could actually feel it in my soul)! She told me that even after this session that things would be moving in a direction to assist my healing. Since Wednesday, I have experienced the BEST sleep of my life (been suffering from insomnia since last year), more mental clarity and focus, improved Intuition, a better change in my eating habits, and my stomach issues almost resolved! I came in for a phobia that I have and I feel it lessening everyday. I happily await my next Reiki session! Book her please, you will NOT regret it! Your life will change for the better!!!

Miracle Layne

I recommend Inner Compass Healing. The treatment soothed my nervous system and gave me some needed clarity. Thanks again!

Sarah LeBeouf

she is amazing that's all I can say.. truly blessed with a beautiful gift...I went to her for a few services but my last was the rieki and it did things to me I wasnt expecting but in a great way. I highly recommend.. you will not be disappointed

Keisha Duhon

I haven't had many sessions be having even contact with you online have really helped me on my personal journey to healing and finding my new way. I thank you every day. Blessing.
The online readings are always what I need that week. Your meditations on FB group have great energy.

Stephanie LeMaire

I had a lot of life going on and wasn't in a peaceful place. I was lead to call Bridgette for a Chakra clearing then a series of Reiki. The emotional relief I received was unbelievable. Bridgette has such powerful hands. I highly recommend Inner Compass Healing.

Beth Melancon

I felt myself called to experience reiki healing. I just had my second session and it's really opening my eyes to my surroundings. The experience is very relaxing and peaceful. Everything happens for a reason and I ended up here at the right time in my life. I can already feel less stressed and more grounded in many aspects. I'm looking forward to continuing this journey. I definitely recommend Inner Compass Healing LLC .

Keith Broussard

I've done Reiki before so I knew what to expect. However, this was by far the best experience I've ever had. She did a session on my teenage daughter as well and her experience was just as amazing as mine. Bridgette has a gift and I strongly recommend her. Thank you so much and I will definitely return for future services

Tiffany Moretti

I recommend Inner Compass Healing LLC for healing through Reiki. My son has completed one session and will be back for a few more. I have noticed and so has he that his anxiety has subsided. He was having sleepless nights because of it, and has found himself more relaxed. I am happy we decided to give this a try and I have Bridget to thank for this.

Monica Demette

I absolutely recommended Inner Compass Healing, I was diagnostic with Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis two years ago, and the last three weeks I have been experiencing some relapse symptoms, also having night with not sleep, in the time of waiting for a medical treatment Bridget explains me about healing process and offered some oils and a set of healing sections, I'm in my third section. During the sections I can said that I could feel all the time the warm of her hand and the energy of her presence. From the first time I start taking the oils and the first section my symptoms have relieved, I start sleep through the night and my energy has increased mentally, spiritually and physically. I did the section every other day after a day of work from my office and it was so relaxing. I recommend this therapy to anybody.

Noreima Lowenstein