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Overcome mental, emotional and physical challenges with natural healing in Lafayette, LA


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See improvements in your health and wellness with natural healing services in Lafayette, LA

Since 2017, Inner Compass Healing has helped clients in the Lafayette, LA area overcome great challenges through natural healing. Our services include reiki, chakra balancing, crystal healing and oracle card readings.

Learn what makes mind and body healing effective when you book your consultation with a skilled practitioner.

Balance Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Offering mind and body healing in Lafayette, LA


What makes mind and body healing special?

Mind and body healing isn't a new concept. Ancient civilizations used energy work and natural healing practices to offer relief from ailments or guidance during times of uncertainty. The services we provide follow the blueprint set by the skilled practitioners that came before us. Whether you're booking an oracle reading or reiki session, you'll feel confident knowing that we:

  • Will get to the root of your concerns
  • Are highly trained in our practice
  • Offer professional services in a safe environment
  • Go above and beyond to make sure you're comfortable

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